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Our values

YPSA is an emerging trademark of French bags and accessories in the wake of sustainable and benevolent luxury. Close to nature and planet-friendly, the brand products are designed to comply with the following values.


We value either recycled or re-used high-quality materials. No new material is being produced.
Our products are manufactured in restricted collections or unique models.
All the metals are heavy-metal free.
Packaging is natural and recycled.
Shipping complies with CO2-neutral requirements.


We resort to organic fish skin that is dyed and tanned with plants. Lining is made of cork oak bark.


YPSA only works with people that have been selected upon both skills and human qualities and who are in line with the brand’s stance. We have our (organic hemp) packaging manufactured by people on rehabilitation programs.


We guarantee total transparency over the geographical origin of the material (EU) as well as manufacturing. No animal was killed to design our products.


Our products have been designed to meet daily use requirements and stand the test of time. Every item can be repaired.


Because we must all be involved in changing the world, YPSA has one tree planted each time a bag is purchased and one plant per item purchased. 5% of the profits will be donated to various charities promoting planet-friendliness or helping the worst-off.


We are located within easy reach of all the material from France and Europe and manufacturing is carried out in the South-West of France.