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Changing our consumer habits to change the wold

The current environmental disaster urges us to make an individual move towards tackling the problem by altering our consumer habits, for it to be wisely considered instead of resulting from impulsive behaviour.
Each consumer good has a background which may be more or less respectful.
Besides the waste of animals being killed only for the sake of their skins and not for meat intake, as we are commonly misled into thinking, the leather industry is one of the most polluting ones in the world.
That is the reason why YPSA is bent on displaying the nature of the goods’ components as well as the manufacturing processes.

We resort to sustainable alternative resources that have been long thought of and carefully selected according to their green potential.
Thus, we chose to use fish leather that has been vegetally dyed and tanned following the Lapp tribes’ ancestral methods.
This is the least polluting method worldwide and the only one that uses neither chromium nor heavy metals.
These skins are robust and resistant, in addition to being recycled. Indeed, if not turned into leather, these skins would be discarded.

Our linings are made of cork bark fabric from Portugal.
Cork is both washable and healthy.
Besides, no tree has been cut down. Indeed, the cork barks must be peeled to ensure the tree’s health. Not only does a cork oak that is regularly got rid of its bark increases its cork production by 250 to 400% compared to a wild tree, but it also enables the tree to capture a higher amount of CO2 into the wood and bark.
Moreover, cork helps to fight against wildfire and desertification.
[The cork oak tree – a natural barrier against desertification. Source wwf]

Local manufacturing
Our leather goods (bags and card-holders) are manufactured in Graulhet, Tarn, South of France, in a human scale workshop that was awarded the “Living Heritage Company” certification label (EPV in French, for Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) .
The cloth bags and small purses are also locally manufactured by a team of strong-willed and united women.

Heavy metal-free metal pieces
We have opted for a clean and non polluting set of metals that are recyclable and both lead-free, nickel-free and zinc-free.

Noble and recycled fabric
We use Haute Couture offcuts made of fabric that was handmade in France on traditional weaving looms.