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About us

Designer Anna was brought up in the countryside, in Southern France Aveyron where she learnt how to value the beauties of nature from an early stage, as well as its vulnerability.

“Natural elements helped me to shape my personality and reach inner peace. I grew up in this environment, enjoying the Earth and everything on it.
Such was the context in which I gradually experienced a great deal of empathy and compassion for animals. That is why I quickly decided to stop eating meat to avoid being somehow involved in their hardships”

As she grew older, she felt a passion for art and fashion while sticking to her convictions and still worshipping closeness to nature.

“The Haydn model bag was designed when I was 21, but I made a point of it being manufactured with materials that were both planet-friendly and respectful of animals’ welfare, which meant with no polluting agent or chemical, and without killing animals for the sake of their skins.”

Being unable to find the matching materials at the time, I left the project apart for a while.

Until I finally realised that materials and mentalities had been evolving the right way. Thus the project could be set up after spending a long time on prototyping. The YPSA range was then born, named after Latin ipse which means oneself.

When my daughter was born, I felt the force and the urge to make this « compassion-tinted luxury » project come true.

As a mother, an artist, a designer and an activist, I consider this collection to be a praise to the women who feel compelled to be in keeping with themselves regarding their consumer habits, and experience an inner invitation to fulfill an upgraded self : carry on believing, hoping, dreaming and crafting…

The YPSA products are clean of any animal suffering, sustainable and only manufactured from recycled elements with low carbon footprint :

• All the metal parts are made of eco-friendly metals : lead-free, chromium-free, nickel-free
• Vegetable tanning and dying of recycled leather fish skin
• Recycled fabrics from Haute Couture
• Handmade in France
• Raw materials within easy reach (Europe)

YpsA guarantees unique models and restricted collections.